Gallup and Leadership

GALLUP & Leadership

Through the Gallup Strengths finder the individual and team members will be able to apply their strengths to their personal and business life.

SML4change accredited coaches support leadership and team excellence and will

  • Lead the Gallup assessment process.
  • Debrief and coach the team on the dynamics.
  • Provide individual coaching for your and seasoned leaders in their quest.

Leadership also have specific meaning at an organisation and we co-create unique journeys to reflect the values and principles of each organisation. 

BUSINESS TODAY & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a mindset; it is important to start with the fundamentals of knowing. Through the business today simulations we put knowledge into action and explore our entrepreneurial potential.

The program are directed to small business entrepreneurs and the mining sector operational leaders. The BSTI simulations are either standards or designed to reflect the unique business realities.

The principle is that through experiencing business, the reality is true for you!

  • Level 1 Entrepreneurship (generic NQF4)
  • Level 1 Mining business
  • Level 2 Miningbusiness