Workplace Capability Partners


Our Focus

SML is short for Supervisory, Management and Leadership and derives from the specific focus we place on the role of supervisors, managers and leaders in enabling HERO

How we conduct business?

  • Firstly we need to understand the business drivers and clarify our mandate
  • We co-create the change journey with role-players and design bespoke solutions
  • We embed the change through workplace capability coaching

The SML team commits to provide a talented and specialist impact team for each client.We partner around unique business change requirements, design the roadmap and solutions required.

  • Our mining and private sector customers require bespoke solutions – the best designers for the spesific business context are assigned.
  • We need to understand the business drivers, then the systems to make it possible and the people, who in turn make a difference to operational excellence.

Research-Driven Solutions

We believe in co-creating solutions and base our methodology on foundational literature reviews.

Supportive qualitative interviewing and focus groups ensure
evidence-based solutions.

SML4Change partner with other researchers in the field of behaviour
change to deliver on multi-disciplinary research projects.

PRO-SCI & Change Journeys

Change journeys require a multi-disciplinary and multi-methodological input and SML4change co-create change journeys
with our clients and their providers (integrated).

Accredited methodologies are used to ensure a hybrid and bespoke solutions.

GALLUP & Leadership

Through the Gallup Strengths finder the individual and team members will be able to apply their strengths to their personal and business life

SML4change accredited coaches support leadership and team excellence.

BUSINESS TODAY & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a mindset; it is important to start with the fundamentals of knowing.  Through the business today simulations we put knowledge into action and explore our entrepreneurial potential.

The program are directed to small business entrepreneurs and the mining sector operational leaders.

SML Learning Solutions

Any change journey is supported by a learning journey to unlock the potential of the team.  Through co-creation we design solutions for teams, supervisors and operational managers.

The team – Mining HERO Teams is a unique solution to drive safe production.

Supervisors – Pathways for HERO’s support the team towards performance.

Operational managers – OPEx drive operational excellence through integrating key solutions from the mind-sets of the manager (safety, production, cost and people).