About SML4Change

SML is short for Supervisory, Management and Leadership and shows the specific focus we place on the role of supervisors, managers and leaders in enabling workplace capability and guiding change.

Our team uses an integrated approach towards enhancing workplace capability to enable organisations achieve their goals. ✓ The SML4change team co-creates change journeys and designs learning solutions to unlock the the people potential needed for organisational effectiveness.
✓ Our team specialises in supervisory learning, team learning, leadership, and research-based solutions to close the gap between knowing and doing. ✓ We also offer language and e-learning solutions, with a focus on English, Afrikaans and French.

Our Core People-Centric Practices & Research-Based Solutions

Language And E-Learning Offerings

Our team offers training, editing, writing and translation services in Afrikaans, English and French. We also have Fanakalo capabilities within our team.

In terms of e-learning, we can write and build your e-learning courses and assessments, including the development of graphics and videos to enhance interactivity.

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