Our Products And Services

Our Core People-Centric Practices:


✓ Research-based solutions  ✓ Change journeys ✓ Learning journeys ✓ Gallup & leadership ✓ Language and e-learning offerings


Research-based solutions

  • Culture Survey
  • DILO and work practices analysis

With our Culture Survey and DILO we look at the reality of the organisation to know what is happening currently. We do this by qualitative interviewing, observations and focus groups.

Based on this, we design interventions to optimise business processes, manage change effectively, and promote a positive company culture. This is to enable the creation of a company culture by design and not by default.

SML4change partners with other researchers in the field of behaviour change to deliver on multi-disciplinary research projects. 

Change Journeys

The importance

Change journeys deal with the people side of change: it facilitates adoption and acceptance of changes in the workplace. Proactive change management increases the success of project delivery so that it is on target and within budget.

The approach

✓ Our change journeys are co-created with various stakeholders and address the people side of change.
✓ It follows an integrated approach supported by learning experiences and workplace capability coaching.
✓ Change plans are designed and executed to proactively involve stakeholders and remove barriers to make change possible.

The methodology

SML4change co-creates change journeys with our clients to ensure real change adoption. We design bespoke solutions (uniquely for you) through blending accredited methodologies, which includes:

✓ Appreciative inquiry: A change process based on the 5D’s giving life to the organisation.
✓ PRO-Sci 3 step change journey model: Intervention based on the ADKAR approach.
✓ AIM Change roadmap: Change risk management approach.
✓ Business model canvas and innovation matrix: Exploring business realities and opportunities.
✓ Design thinking and qualitative research

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Gallup Clifton Strengths & Leadership

✓  Gallup Clifton Strengths
✓  Strengths-Based Mentoring

At SML4change, we believe that leadership drives business success. We use the Gallup Clifton Strengths and Strengths-Based Mentoring solutions help your leaders to unlock and develop their strengths and lead your organisation to success.

Through the Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder the individual and team members will be able to understand apply their strengths to their personal and business life.

SML4change’s accredited coach will support leadership and team excellence based on these strengths.

What is the Gallup Clifton Strengths?

Gallup Clifton Strengths, is an assessment tool developed by Gallup, a well-known research and consulting company. The assessment is designed to help individuals identify and understand their unique strengths or talents. The underlying philosophy is that individuals should focus on developing and leveraging their strengths rather than trying to fix their weaknesses.

The assessment consists of a series of questions that aim to uncover the individual’s natural talents in 34 specific areas, which Gallup refers to as “themes.” These themes fall into four domains: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking. Each person who takes the assessment receives a personalized report highlighting their top strengths.

The idea is that by understanding and focusing on one’s strengths, individuals can improve their overall performance, satisfaction, and well-being in various aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal development. Organisations also use Clifton Strengths to build high-performing teams by ensuring that team members’ strengths.

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Learning Journeys

We offer short learning programmes to enhance workplace capability, and we also create learning solutions based on your organisations needs.

Supervisors and teams

Our supervisory learning solutions include POLC, Pathways and Leadership which develops effective and efficient management skills in your organisation.

Our team learning solutions includes HERO Mining Teams and VUCA teams, which focusses on creating high-performance teams that deliver outstanding results due to enhanced workplace capability.

The Business of Mining is a mining operation board game that simulates mining operational realities. Participants are exposed to the mining operational value chain and the critical decisions to be made on team, supervisory and managerial levels.

Soft skills training

Our Train the Trainer, Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence courses are aimed at improving soft skills on all levels in the workplace.

We also offer bespoke soft skills training solutions depending on the needs of your organisation.

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Language And E-Learning Offerings

Our team offers training, editing, writing and translation services in Afrikaans, English and French. We also have Fanakalo capabilities within our team.

In terms of e-learning, we can write and build your e-learning courses and assessments, including the development of graphics and videos to enhance interactivity.

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